JBA 1ncorporated is located in Fort Collins, Colorado.  It was founded in 1995 with the underlying principle to support institutions of higher education in the planning and programming of their physical environment.       

Company Philosophy
Our philosophy, regardless of the type of service we provide, is to assure all plans and services are programmatically driven. We focus on process driven approaches, providing tools and results, that are dynamic. Planning is a process and not a document. Documents describe where you are in the process. We provide Colleges and Universities with services and tools that later reduce the need to rely on additional consulting services. In essence, we are trying to change the role of today's consultants to a luxury rather than a necessity. If we put ourselves out of business, we have succeeded!

Professional Organizations
AUA   -  Association of University Architects
APPA -  Leadership in Educational Facilities
SCUP -  Society for College and University Planners

Our Team
Joseph E. Bilotta, FAUA           Vickie Stimac                        Roland Kehe
Owner, Campus Architect         Planner, Admin Support         Campus Architect, Planner
JBA  1

7512 Tamarisk Drive
Fort Collins, CO  80528 
Voice:  970.988.6059